Title: Cave Buffy
Author: Shadowcat
E-mail: aander@c4systm.com
Rating- G.  There's a teeny tiny bit of swaring but its nothing bad.
Feedback: If you wanna
Spoilers: Natta
Summery: Buffy the vampire slayer in the cavedays
Distrabution: If you really wanna
Disclaimers: Characters no belong to Shadowcat, Shadowcat just play with them.

Setting- a beautiful night in the cave neighbor hood, the wooly mammoths are
out when suddenly-

"Me Buffy, Me slay vamp!!!!"  A girl wearing a short fur dress runs out from
the trees chaseing a man with a big club.  Suddenly she catchs him and
starts hitting him over and over.  "Spike Bad Man!  Buffy Kill!"  Suddenly a
blow just happened to hit through the heart and the man turned to dust.
Cave Buffy looked at the dust for a moment with a surprised look on her face
before saying, "Huh, what happen bad vamp!  Go poof an no here.  Where Giles
or Angel?"  Suddenly the to men convenently appear.  Or Don't.  
  Buffy looks around for a second when they failed to arrive then pops out
of the computer screan and say's, "What the hell is going on in your Brain
SC????  I can't belive I agreed to do this stupid fic.  Can't I at least
talk normaly?  Look at this, "Me Buffy?"  and you can't even make the others
show up.  Get a life girl!"  The writer suddenly pulls a giant mallet (I
also like Ranma 1/2) outta nowhere and beans Buffy over the head with it and
shoves her back in the computer world and cackles like the wicked witch of
the west before starting to type again and sing Row Row Row your boat.
  As it was being said, the two men show up.  And this time they do.  Angel
runs in draging a huge chicken and say's "Wife, Husband caught big food, yum
yum."  Buffy smiles and pats him on the head and say's, "Good Angel.  Now
all feast."  Angel just reply's, "Ugh" as he trys to figure out how he
suddenly got married to Buffy and why he couldn't talk straight.  As he's
doing this Giles moves up to Buffy and looks down at her adoringly and
say's, "Look, Giles invent Wheel, now Buffy love him?  Or at least use him
for day or two?"  Buffy smiled and said, "Silly Watch man, Buffy married,
she no go for that.  If asked yesterday, maybe.  Now go make thing so buffy
no need walk.  call it Car. Now, Buffy wonder why when club go through vamp
person vamp turn to dust?"  Giles scrached his head and sat thinking for a
minute then said, "No Know.  Wait for books to be written."  Since books
hadn't been invented yet they all sat down for a few hundred thosand years
watching as times changed and learning all the ways people around them
talked and books that are old to us were written and became old to them
finally they got up and Buffy said, "So G-man, are you ready to answer?
Fess up, I need to buy a new warerobe.  These clothes are so 300,000 years
ago.  I mean, I dig retro and all but still..."  Giles rubbed the brige of
his nose and said, "Yes, Quite.  Vampires turn to dust after you stake them
because, well, because there dead so there no longer alive."  Buffy shoke
her head and said, "Cool, I can live with that.  So, Angel, wanna go to the
mall with me?  We can get a cappichino. Its been years since anyone gave us
some coffee."  He smiled and said, "sure Buffy."

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