Haloween [1/1]

It was halloween witch is a very scary time becaues everyone gets dressed
up but its not real so thats okay and buffy stol giles book and dressed
like angle would like and xander was an army guy and wilow was a boo ghost
and cordalia was a cat and their was a guy tryed to get buffy go out with
him he was a pirate and beat xander up.  Then this bad guy ethan came and
sayd a hole bunch of nonsense words and a statues eyes glowed green and
everyone turned into there costumes witch meant that buffy couldnt slay
and willow was a ghost and noone recognized angel except willow and
cordelia who was a cat except not really a cat because she got her costume
somewhere else so she was just in a catsuit.  so willow went to gilles who
was playing cards and he jumped and said "we have to go find ethan" so she
took him to the shop and left and he said "hi ripper" and he said "stop
the spell" and he said "no" so he punched him and pollished his knuckles
so he said "brake the statue" and ran out while he was braking the
statue.  Then buffy turned into the slayer again which was good cuz spike
was about to eat her and xander who got to beat up pirate turned back into
xander and everyone livved happy ever after except cordelia who kept
drooling in cappuchino and giles who turned evil.  theend.