Recently on the GASP mailing list, the topic of bad fan fiction appeared. Some of the hideous results follow.

Just for the record, none of these stories should be taken even remotely seriously. They're bad, and written badly on purpose.

Really. Trust me.

Bufffy in the Woods, by Aramat. Spike's ultimate fantasy.

Jenny and Cordelia Must Die! , by Aramat. Truth in advertising.

Cave Buffy, by Shadowcat. Buffy on the K-T Boundary.

A Fashion Oddessy, by Sarah. What Giles wears when he isn't wearing tweed.

RevellOrgy, by Saraswati. Again, truth in advertising.

A Dark And Stormy Night, by Kristy. Scooby Doo / Buffy crossover.

Buffy Goes to Disneyland, by Be Happy52. Just what the title says it is.

Giles Meets His Match, by Katy Zapata. Giles/Snyder. *sniff* Love stories always make me cry....

Buffy Trek, by Siobhan Gormley. Star Trek / Buffy crossover.

Buffy Trek II, by Siobhan Gormley. Rematch!

Two short stories, and I do mean short, by Elyse Perry. G/W/MsC and a B/G story.

Confrontationby Sharon Ruth. Buffy/Angel romance. Awww.

True Love, by Ann Lipton. Angel/Buffy romance from Hell.

Sacrifice for the Slayer, by Elaine McMillian. Buffy learns a lesson.

Loves of the Heart, by Miriam Rocke. Buffy/Angel romance.

All Alone in the Night, by Miriam Rocke. Babylon 5/ Buffy crossover.

Xander and Giles: A Love Story, by Sharon Jacobs. Xander and Giles, sittin' in a tree....

Wedding Day, by Sharon Jacobs. Jenny Calendar, do you take this Watcher....

More to come soon, I'm sure.