TITLE:  Confrontation [1/1]
AUTHOR: Sharon Ruth / LStew10263@aol.com
DISCLAIMER:  All these characters aren't mine.  They're Joss Whedon's and the

     "Buffy Angel is to old for you and i don't want you to see him anymore
becus he is just trying to take avantage of you and it is wrong and it is not following the law so you will just have to find someone you own age," said Joyce summers to her daughter the vampire slayer BuFfy.  "No mom, you do not understand me.  You are just jealous becuz i found someone who  loves me a lot and nobody cares about you so there and i will keep seeing angel if i want to."  "Buffy -" joyce begun.  "And I will laeve adn move in with Angle because he reallly cares about me more than you do.  so bye."  and with that Buffy walked out of the house and beagan to move toward angel's house.

     "angel i love you i never want to be apart from you ever again because
it hurts me to much when i can not sea you anymore." says buffy.  "i love you to buffy, but why are you here!  did you have a fight with your mommy?'
"maybe i did.  so what.  why doesn't matter?"  "your right buffy i dont care why your here as long as i get to see you and be iwth you forever.  don't you want to be with me always buffy?"  "yes angle I do.  make me a vampire so we will always be together."  "but buffy then you would not have a soul anymore and i would miss you to much and then we would have to kill people because with  out you there'd be no reason to stop the demon inside of me from coming out."  "Angel if you bight me i'd have a soul too because you have a soul adn then i would get part of the demon and part of your soul so lets go ahead and get this over with and then we can move away from here and be together forever.  a new slayer can be called.  I'll tell giles to tell her."  Giles promised to get teh new slayer right away.  

     Angel bit buffy and they did the whole big sucking thing so they both
were vampires but buffy was upset because she could never see hersel fin the
mirror anymore and she would have to drink blood but she dicided it was worth it to be with angel. the two of them moved away to prague and double dated with spike and drucilla who also wanted to be good because they saw how happy buffy and angel were and so they all found the romani gypsies and  had there souls restored too.  they all drank old blood from the hospitals and watched lots  of tv adn played games and  lived happily ever after. the end. 

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