1  Buffy Goes to Disneyland


"You can't go!!!!" Giles yelled.

"It's a school trip, I have to, also is the bedroom the best place to discuss
this," Buffy pleaded , " Come on I and my body can't persuade you."

"You know I can't resist you", Giles laughed kissing her, "It is only
Disneyland, what can happen."

" I leave next week, you can chaperone", Buffy said slyly, " We can make love
on the spinning tea cups."

"Fine, but if anything happens here while you're on rides its on your head",
Giles warned her, "Now lets get back to  the game."

"Slay me baby, slay me!!!" shrieked Buffy, "Watch where you stick that thing."

"My stake??" Giles questioned, innocently.
"Look lower", Buffy joked.

********NEXT WEEK**********

"I love those rides", Buffy joked with her slayerettes and watcher.

"Space Mountain Rules!!!!!", Xander hollered.

Willow, who was looking a little green, quietly said, "Space Mountain, yeah,

A large group of characters began to follow them. "MICKEY!!!" Buffy giggled.
Then each charcter removed its mask to reavele a vampire face. "I get it",
Xander exclaimed, "When they're wearing the costume no sunlight gets in."

"Lovely work detective, lets go!" Buffy yelled.

Giles asked, "But aren't you the slayer?"

"Yes, the slayer in Disneyland, being chased by Goofy, not carrying a stake",
Buffy said sprinting away.

The teens ran through the park, sprinting past little children who burst into
tears everytime they saw a beheaded character. 

"What do we do?!?!?!?" Willow sobbed. Suddenly jumping in, the now unfrozen
Walt Disney, who then staked Donald. 

Throwing a stake and a cross to each person, "Let's get to work." In a short
time all that was left of Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, and
Roger Rabbit were piles of dust.

 "I know this park would go to hell when I got frozen, I didn't think it would
really go to real hell", Walt sighed, "But being on the second hellmouth
sucks." The teens watched Walt bolt away. 

"When I close our hellmouth I'm going to a museum. "Buffy exclaimed. 

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