"Gile's Lunch Hour"
a Willow/Giles/Calendar...um...whatever...
Willow had been makeing eyes at zander for years but the dolt never did 
notice, so finly she decided to go for an older man...

 one day durning lunch, she slank into giles office.and said..."giles i cant 
hid emy feeling anymore...you are the biggest hunka burnin love that I efver 
did know! and i mean that in the biblical sense.."
giles glasses steemed up and he stuttered"..mmmiss rosemthlal,I...I thot  
jenny said that.." "no it was relly me." willow said and  pinched his cute 
butt. giles looked at the cute little red head and said "oh what the hell"and scoopd her up in his arems an "knew' her just then miss calendr walkedi n "oh giles, arent you going to invite me to this kissing party??"
 "but msis clander my mouth was bussy" "that's no excuse" said calendr as she pinched his cute butt. which was bruised by now but oh well..so giles and willow and calendr participated in a  menage a three and giles managed to put his moth to more efficient use
ust them principle snyder walkid in....
the end!

"Ment to Bee"

Heaven help me.  do I really need to mention that i'm just playing with Joss's 


oh i guess you could say that this is a b/g story with some mature 
content...well maybe its immature content...oh well...

Giles wahs the libraruan at sunnyvale hs,but he was also the Watcher.  Watcher of what you ask? Why the slayer of coarse!and he did watch her most 
intently... not just during her slayer duties but sometimes, in the middle of the nighy he would sneak up to her house, cral up the drainpipe to the roof, and peek in her window...
you see, Giles was in some serious lust after his little slayer...
one night he crawld in the window and jumped onto her bed Buffy woke up and 
was ready to scream but he put his hand over her moth and said "Quiet my dear it's only me"and buffy said oh okay" and Giles kissed her passionately and buffy found tht she liked it and well they did the wacky thing and buffy 
suddenly said "oh my gosh what abot angle?  I love him!  dont I?
 "nonsense said giles and he kissed her again and buffy forgot all about 
whatshisname and  and all of a sudden /Angel was in the room and he saw them, and said oh buffy how could you? and buffy said well "because frankly giles is a better kisser than uyou, he doesn;t have fangs so maybeyou better just dissaper!" and with that Buffy plunged a steak into his (angels) hart and he  turned to dist.  
Well said gilles, I guess we were ment to bee hmm?
"i guess so, watcher" adn buffy kissed giles and they did it again and lived 
happily for a few years  until the heallmoth opened again and well that's 
another story
 the end!

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