AUTHOR: Miriam Rocke /
TITLE: Loves of the Haert [1/1]
AUTHOR: Me (duh)
DISCLAIMER: Joss and the WB own Buffy and co, and I don't think *anyone*
would try to steal this story for their own.
NOTES: The other story I sent was a "good-bad" fic.  This is a "bad-bad"
fic.  Enjoy, if you can.

	On day Buffy wasnt at the bronze wich was wierd cuz she said she
was going to be their so angel went looking for her and found her in the
graveyard staring at a grave.  "hi buffy" he said "oh hi angel stop
sneaking up on me like that you should stomp or yodel or something" "sorry
i guess i shouldnt have come" "no thats okay what do you want" she asked?
	"You were suposed to be at the bronze" he said and you werent so I
went looking for you and found you at the graveyard what are you doing
here is there a vampire going to rise?"  "No" she said" at least I hope
not but i just wanted to be aloen" "really wahtss wrong" he asked her?
"Well see I love you" "I love you too buffy"
	"But" "but what?" "well I..." "is it because im a vampire?  yes
thats it you really hate me go on stake me." "I cant do that i love you."
"I love you to buffy" and they kissed and kissed and kissed and it was
very nice and buffy sighed and said "i love you angel"
	"I know lets run away together" "oh yes lets" "But you should tell
Giles" "why?" "Cuz hes the Wathcer and he might get upset if your not
their." "oh okay." "you should also get some sleep" "yes daddy" she said
smiling and he smiled back and disapeered into the nite and she went home.
	"You look hapy" said her mom "what happened did you have fun with
xander" "oh I wasnt with Xander I was with Angel" "oh Angel hes to old for
you dear" "hes only 18 mom" "oh okay, thats not to bad then"
	"And," buffy adds wen she was alone in her room "hes a grate
	The next mornign was sunny witch was bad cuz angel couldnt come
out but buffy was happy cuz she and Angel are going to run away so she
went to school happy her mom was shocked cuz buffy never liked going to
	"Giles" said buffy "Im going away with angel"
	"oh that's nice," he said and then dropped his glasses on the
floor "what did you say?" "I said that Im going away with angle" "but you
cant do that your the slayer and you have to slay demons and things"
	"But we want to be together I love him Giles cant you understand?"
she burst into tears and ran out the door.  "Whoah whats her deal" asked
Willow coming through the door, but giles just stared after Buffffy.
	"Buffys leaving," angel announced from the stacks, "were running
away and werregoing to get married and live happily like real pepole" "but
you cant your a vampyr" said Giles "Just watch we love each other and love
can conqure every thing" "oh really" "yes".
	Just then Xander came in to the libary and when they turned around
angle was gone again Xander said "what just happend did i miss something"
and willow didnt know what to say so she just kissed him on the lips and
xander dazed and said "what was that for" and willow said "I love you
Xander" and xander said "thats my Will" and they kissed again.
	"Oh look its a kissfest" said miss clander from the doorway "dont
you feel left out rupret" "well woudl you have a suggstino for combating
it" he said coyly and she smiled and kissed him on the lips "i take that
as a yes" he said and she smiled and said "very good rupert" and he said
"i like you techpagens."
	"But what are we goign too do about buffy" asked willow "oh buffy
she can fend for herself giles said now keep kissing me jennie i like how
you kiss."  "ok" said miss calnedar "but i can do more than ksis" "o
realy" "yup" and she showed him and he was very happy.
	"lets get married" willow said and giles blinked and took off his
glasses "but i dont like you i mean i do but not in that way and-" "thats
okay cuz shes mine gman"  Xander smiled at willow said "oh i didnt mene me
and gilse i ment you and me.  and maybe they can get maried to at the same
time."  "why dont we make it a triple" said mis calndre "triple sunday?"
xander asked playfully smacked by willow "no doof, triple marage.  with
buffy and angel."  "ok but who can mary us?" "snyder" said giles "He's
good at that sort of thing" "oh ok"
	So willow went to angles apartmant and told him they are getting
maried and angel said "cool i cant wate" and buffy was there so she came
and they wnet to the church at Sundown and snyder said "do you ladies,
wilow rosinbrug and jenine callander and bufy somers, take these men
rupurt gilles and alexandre harrris and angle - uh, i dont know yor last
name but angle sombody - to be your lawfuly weded husbinds" and they all
said "i do" so snyder aksed the same of the guys and they say "i do" so
then snyder said "you can kiss the brides" and everyone was realy happy
and the mrs sumrs cride a lot cuz her dauter was geting marred but it was
hapy and they kiissed and everyone lived haply ever after.

teh end.

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