TITLE: "Giles Meets His Match" [1/1]
AUTHOR: Katy Zapatka   jbrain@iconn.net
SUMMARY: This is a Snyder/Giles story...and it's so icky.  But nothing too graphic, I assure you.
DISTRIBUTION: On the Bad Fic Archive.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the characters represented in this story...That pleasure belongs to Joss Whedon and the WB.  No infringement is intended.


Giles was happily rearranging the card catalog the day after Halloween.  
He was humming a sweet tune, keeping rhythm by tapping his foot 
against the floor.  Oh, how he enjoyed the thrills of alphabetization.  

"I could do this forever," he thought.  "Abandon the Watcher lifestyle..."  
He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the all-too-tempting 
thought.  "Oh well, I can always dream," he sighed.
A sharp, yet whiny voice broke the silence.  "Who were the hoodlums 
who made the mess this time?" he yelled.  "Mr. Giles, we need to have 
a serious talk about those criminals that you seem so fond of.  They 
deserve a month of detention for this one!"  

It was obvious to Giles that Principal Snyder was agitated-but then, 
when wasn't he?

"Oh no, Principal Snyder," Giles said, interrupting the tirade.  "The 
children had nothing to do with this.  I was here late last night-and 
I have to confess that I got a little spooked."  Giles blushed 
noticeably, trying to inspire some pity.  "I really don't think you 
give the children enough of a chance..."

"Well, you should have called me, Mr. Giles," Principal Snyder said, 
his voice softening.  "I'm sure we could have passed the time...
somehow."  His mouth curved into a lascivious smile.

Giles shrugged uncomfortably.    "I'm sure I don't know what you mean," 
he said shakily.  "In any case, why did you come to see me today?"

"I've been meaning to talk to you about something, Rupert.  I can call 
you Rupert, can't I?"  Principal Snyder asked.

"Well, um, sure..." Giles said, searching in vain for some 
recollection of Snyder's first name.  "What is YOUR first name?" he 
suddenly asked.

"Just Snyder will be fine, Rupert," he said.  "It has such a dominant 
sound, don't you think?"  He began walking toward Giles, reaching out 
his arms.

Giles backed away quickly, avoiding Snyder's intended embrace.  "The 
children," he muttered.  "They could come in at any moment, Mr. 

"Just Snyder, I said.  And no, they won't be coming in.  I've put out 
the 'Closed For Filing' sign.  We have all the privacy we need."  
Snyder batted his eyelashes seductively.

"I have work to do, Snyder," Giles reminded him.  "If you'll kindly 
excuse me..."

Snyder heaved an annoyed sigh.  "Let me just cut to the chase, Rupert.  
We know all about you."
Giles turned around sharply and glared at him.  "You know WHAT all 
about me?" he asked.

"Does the name 'Ripper' sound familiar?" Snyder asked meanly.

"Oh my God-you must have spoken to Ethan," Giles said.  

"Yes.  Ethan.  He's one of our contacts, of course.  All those murders, 
Giles...tsk tsk."

Giles gulped.  "What do you plan to do with this information?  I won't 
go back to my old life," Giles said adamantly.

"Just do me one favor, Rupert, and it will no longer be an issue."

"A favor?"  Giles reddened.  He'd been propositioned like this before-
he knew what was coming.
Snyder walked up to Giles, putting his around his shoulders.  "Sure.  
You help me, I won't expose you-we'll all be very happy."  He ran his 
fingers suggestively up and down Giles' arm.

 Giles thought.   
He met Snyder's eyes: "All right"

Snyder smiled.  "And Rupert-let's play like you're still the Ripper, 
okay?  I just love to play the helpless kitten."   


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