Title:  Jenny and Cordelia Must Die! 
Author:  Aramat!
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Rating:  Part 1:  PG.   Part 2:  R (things get a little nasty)
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Giles sighed in contentment as he noted the complete and utter silence of the library.  It had been at least 2 weeks since he'd had the peace and quiet of the library to himself.  One of the history teachers had assigned a major do-or-fail research paper and the Sunnydale High School Library had gotten it's best business in 20 years.  But now, after two weeks of doing his job, not to mention the hours of constant inane teenage chatter he'd had to endure, Giles was happy to have his private sanctuary back.  He planned to enjoy every little moment he 

Giles had been alone in the library for an hour when his sanctuary was
invaded.  Turning to the door he smiled when he saw Buffy annd Willow come
through the door.  His smile of happiness was immediately gone when he saww
the other two women accompanying them.  Following close behind his two clever ladies were Ms. Calendar, the adult teenager and that dreadful Cordelia.  Giles figured his day had just gone south.

Buffy and Willow were the first to notice Giles' presence in the library.
 The two greeted him happily and went over to sit next to the Wathcer.  Jenny and  Cordelia's greetings were a little less enthusiastic.  Giles' greeting to them could only be considered downright cold.

Buffy sensed soemthing was wrong with her Wathcer and he wondered what 
it was.

"Giles', what's with the attitude?" she asked the librarian, wondering what 
could be wrong.

Giles looked up at Buffy, unable to stop the smile that lit his face at the
sight of her.  "You, Willow, and I have much to discuss." he informed the Slayer.   "Alone." he added with a pointed look in Jenny and Cordelia's direction.  

Buffy figured there was some demon thing they had to talk about so Buffy 
quickly took the hint.  With Willow's help, Buffy was able to shuffle Jenny 
and Cordelia away.  Then she and Willow went back to Giles to find out 
what was going on.

"So Giles, what's going on in Sunnyhell?" Buffy asked going straight to 
the heart of the matter.

Giles smiled at the apt name for the sleepy little town they lived in.  "We 
have two demons that must be gotten rid of." Giles informed the ladies.  
"They plague us and they must be stopped."

Buffy and Willow exchanged looks.  This was not going to be easy.

"When you say demon, are we talkking ugly, gross demons?" Willow asked
determined to have all the info before she went charging in to help Buffy
slay things.

Giles thought for a moment.  "No, they're not ugly demons."

"Okay, is this a big knife chop job, a simple stake job, or a slice the head 
job?" Buffy asked wanting to be prepared.

Giles shuddered at the descriptions.  "All three." he answered causing 
Buffy and Willow to gulp audibly.  "We must make sure they never return."

Buffy was likinngg these demons less and less the more she knew about 
them.  "So when does this thing go down?"

"Tonight." Giles said.  "Ten o'clock in the library."

Jenny and Cordelia had just walked back into the computer lab when they 
noticed a white slip of paper on the desk.  Curious, they opened the letter.

Jenny and Cordelia,

We have demons to slay.  Meet in library 10:00PM.  They must be stopped.


Jenny and Cordelia smiled.  "Looks like we've got a slay date." Jenny said 
and Cordleia laughed.

Buffy, Giles and Willow were all sitting at a table patiently awaiting the 
arrival of the demons.  

"Giles, shouldn't we be out hunting these demons?" Buffy asked.  There 
was no action and she was bored.

Giles smiled patiently at his Slayer.  "Not to worry, Buffy.  These demons 
will come to us."

As soon as the words left his mouth Jenny and Cordelia walked into the 

"What are you two doing here?" Willow asked.  She'd thought this was 
going to be a private party.

Cordelia smiled.  "We're here to help kill the demons." she answered.

Willow and Buffy shared a confused look.  And then understanding dawned.

Willow and Buffy turned to Giles.  "You want us to kill them?" they asked 
in unison, voices dripping with disbelief.

Giles smiled once again wrapping his arms around the Slayer and the 
Hacker.  "Jenny and Cordelia must be stopped." he told them.  

Jenny didn't understand what was going on.  "But Rupert, we have a date 
tomorrow night!" she exclaimed at a total loss.  Why did Rupert want her 

Giles looked at the group of women.  "Jenny!  Cordelia!  YOu must die!" 

That said Giles pulled a sword from thin air and swung it wildly in Jenny and Cordelia's general direction.  Buffy and Willow watched in horror as blood flew  around the room.  Their ears rung from the frightened sreeches coming from Jenny and Cordelia.  And then there was silence.

Buffy and Willow looked around at what used to be the whole bodies of Jenny
Calendar and Cordelia Chase.  Both girls were speechless.  

Willow looked over at Giles.  "Why?" she asked confused by what had just

Giles simply smiled at the young hacker.  "Now we can do our work in 
peace." he said and he went into his office to research the next prophecy.

Buffy and Willow were left in the library, the dead, bloody mess congealing 
on the walls.  Just then Xander and Angel walked in.

Taking one look at the bloody mess all over the library a smile lit Angel's
face.  "Ooh, dinner!" he exclaimed and he ran to the wall and began to feast.

Xander just shook his head and turned to Willow and Buffy and said, 
"What'd I miss?"

The End!

I hope you enjoyed my little story.  And I promise this is the last one.

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