TITLE:  Sacrifice for the Slayer [1/1]
AUTHOR: Elaine McMillian / emc@socket.net
SPOILERS:  "Prophecy Girl", "School Hard"
DISCLAIMER:  I don't own BtVS or Giles.  Joss Whedon and the WB do.  
SUMMARY:  This little darling is my entry for Worst Buffy Fic Ever.  I've
also got ideas for a sequel....

Buffy ran into Willow and Xander the slayeretts after they had class.
"Buffy" Xander said "What are we going to do tonight?"  "Slay vampires what
else?" Buffy said sarcasticaly.   "I do that every night why shoud tonight
be any diffrent?"  "Maybe you should talk to Giles and he will not make you
work so hard" Willow suggested.  "Oh that is a good idea your so smart"
Buffy said.  "Thats my Will" Xander said and she blushed. 

They went to see Giles who worked in the library because he watched Buffy.
"Giles" Buffy said "Why do you make me work so hard?"  Giles took off his
glasses and looked at them.  He knew Buffy had to work hard because if she
didnt she would get killed probly by Spike or one of the other vampire who
hated her because she killed them all.  The master had killed her but it
didnt work and the annointed One got killed but that was spike who killed
him because he wanted to be the boss and he couldn't be the boss if the
annointd one was the boss.   He looked at them.  He was worried because if
buffy did not work hard to be a good slayer then they might get killed to
and he would really miss them because they were his only friends.  "Giles"
Bufy said again.  "You have to work hard because you have to be a good
slayer because if you dont then everyone would get killed" he said.  "You
dont care about me at all" Buffy screamed and ran out.  "Way to go Gman"
said Xander sarcasticllay and ran out.  "That was mean" Willow said and ran
out to.

Giles took off his glasses.  He knew he said the wrong thing but he didnt
mean to.  He only wanted Bufy to know that if she didnt work hard she would
get her frieds killed and then she would be sad so he was really trying to
help her not make her scream at him and throw things.  He was sad now
because Buffy was mad at him so he went to talk to Miss Calandar so he could
fight with her.

He went to the computer lab and miss Calander was there and she said "Oh
look who is here it is snobby" and he said "Oh that is so funny you pagan
girls are so funny" and she said "if your not careful I will make one of my
computers put a cursor on you" and he said "I would know how to break it
because I am a watcher and that is what we do" and she laughed.  

"So what can I do for you snooby?"  "I made BUffy mad and now I dont know
what to do" "How did you make her mad I thought you got along with her  real
well" "We do but I said something she did not want to hear I told her that
if she was a bad slayer she would get her friends killed" "Oh well she is
just a teenager girl and they get very emotianl sometimes and that is all
taht is wrong if you just tell her your only worried for her she will be not
mad anymore and you can be friends again" "Oh that is a good idea I will do
that thank you miss Celandrer" "You know I really like you snobby for a snob
that is" miss Calandar said.  "I really like you to" Giles said he took off
his glasses.  He was going to kiss her because he really wanted to and she
was very very pretty with pretty eyes and also smart and knew about compuetr
things and he thought that if she could fight so good she was probly very
pasionate.  So he wanted to kiss her and he leaned down to kiss her but
Willow ran ito the room and said "YOu have to come quick because Buffy is in
trouble" she yelled and they ran out.

THey ran to the Bronze where Buffy was in trouble and she was really in
trouble because she was fighting alot of vampires at once and there must
have been at least a twenty of them and she was only one girl.  And Angel
was there helping her but there were to many for him to fight.  Xander hit
one vampire with a stick and said "Ha guess I showed you not to mess with
humans undead messing guy" and got hit from behind but Angel got that one.
And Buffy did a high kick and slayed a vampire and did a low kick and
knocked one down and staked it.  

Giles ran in to try and help her miss Calender said "Giles no you are to
weak you will just get killed" but he ran in to help her anyway and he got
hit and Buffy was scared "Giles no" she screamed and killed the vampire who
hit him and smiled and they got scared and ran away and they were left.
Buffy kneeled down next to Giles who was on the ground because he got hit by
the vampire Buffy killed.  Buffy said "I am so sorry this is all my fault I
should have worked hard like you said" "That is alright you did not mean to"
Giles said but his voice was very weak and there was blood and angel said
"He should go to hospital because he is very weak" so they did.

Buffy knocked on the door of the room of the hospital where Giles was and
went into the room and had a buquet of flowers and said "Hi giles how are
you Im really sorry"  Giles said "That is okay but you should listen to me I
only want you to be okay" "I know that now" BUffy said and she was crying
because she knew Giles had almost died by that vampire she had slayed.
"Dont cry Buffy its okay" he said. "Okay" she said "I will work hard when we
work I promise" "Good that is all I wantd to hear I am your watcher after
all" he said.  "Yeah thats right" Buffy laughed "Oh miss Calender is here to
see you" "Hi snobby" said the teacher she had a book about demons for Giles
to read so he would not be lonely "Thank you" he said "Your welcome" she
said "You know you never did kiss me" "Thats right we got intrrepted" he
said and he leaned down to kiss her and kissed her and Buffy left she was
smiling because everything was alright after all.


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