Title: True Love
Author: Ann Lipton iocaste@aol.com
Summary: The pangs of despised love
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine -- and I _really_ apologize for what
I'm about to do to them.

Buffy's Bedroom:

Buffy sits on the edge of her bed.  Staring at the wall sadly.  Hmmm, I
wonder if Angel will ever tell me he loves me? she thought sadly.

The window opened and Angel comes inside.  "Buffy." Angel said.

"Angel!"  Buffy cried jumping off the bed.  "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't stay away from you any more." says Angel.  "I get so worried
about you when I see you fight."  Then he took her in his arms and gave her a
long, passionate kiss.  "Oh Buffy."  Angel said.  "I'm in love with you.  But
I'm a monster.  You could never love me."

"That's not true!" shouted Buffy.  "I do love you!  Your not a monster!"

Angel shook his head sadly.  "We can never be together.  Because you are the
slayer, and Im a vampyr.  So we can't be together.  You have to kill me."

"No!  I don't want to be the slayer!  I won't be the slayer anymore!  I'll
tell Giles tomorrow, and then we can be together!"

"I'll be waiting Buffy." said Angel when he left.

The School Library:

"No!" Giles said.  "Buffy you are the slayer.  You have to keep fighting the

"I won't!"  Buffy started to cry.  "I want to be with Angel.  I love him.
 Why do you want to keep us apart?"

Just then, three vampyrs rushed into the library.  "Spike sent us." They told
Buffy.  "We're going to kill you now.  And we're going to kill Giles too."

They grabbed Giles and knocked him unconscious.

"Now we're gonna kill you slayer."  They said then.  

"No you won't!" Bufyy shouted at them.  She jumped up and kicked one in the
face and he fell down.  Then she picked up a chair and broke it and stakes
him with it and he disappeared.  So the next one grabs her and knocks her
down.  He almost bit her with his fangs and then suddenly Angel comes in and
grabs him and pulls him away.

"Don't hurt her!" says Angel.  "I love her!"  And then he staked both vampyrs
and kneels by Buffy and takes her in his arms.

"Buffy." he whispered.  "Buffy wake up!  Buffy please wake up!  I love you!"

Buffy opened her eyes and said "Angel, I have to be the slayer.  Because
people would die otherwise.  We can't be together."

Giles, who was awake now, said "No, Buffy, you can still be together.
 Because Angel is a good vampyr and he proved that he's good now, so you two
can get married, because there's a special cermony for good vampyrs to get

Buffy and Angel laughed and Buffy said "So now we can slay vampyrs together
so I won't be alone anymore?"

Angel kissed her passionately and said "I will love you forever."  and Buffy
said "Me too."

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