Title:  Bufffy in the Woods
Author:  Aramat!
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Rating: PG 
Spoilers: None
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Buffy in the Woods
By Aramat!

Buffy and Xannder and Willow were walking through the woods one day
whenthey came to as vampire. Buffy and Xander and Willow screamed 
and ran away farther into the woods and the vamps chased htem.  Buffy
and Xander and Willow saw a littel house in the woodz and they  ran to it 
and got inside.  The vamps came to  the door and startedd banging and
finally one of them opened the door and came insode.  Buffy looked at 
Xander and Willow, confused.  "I thought vampis couldn't come in not 
invited?" Buffy asked the vampires chasing them around the room.  The
big ugly vamp looked at jher and luaghed maniacally.  "But we are invited."
he told her. "This is our house."  Buffy's eyes widened in surprise.
Xander we need to leave now!" she shouted to her friends. But her cries of 
warning came too late.  While she had been talking to the vampiire her 
friends had been turned into vampss them selves.  Buffy screamed.  She
 was trapped in the house with six soulless demons.  She had no where 
else to run.  Buffy was backing up into a corner when suddenly the door 
to the house opened.  And in stepped Angel and Giles.  "Unhand that girl!"
 Giles sadi rushing at the vamps shooting holy water at thew vamops.  Buffy
 was so amazed at GIles's enthusiaasm she fainted dead away on the floor.  
Angel noticed this and ran over to her yellingv "If she''s dead, I'll kill
you all."  
Angell got to Buffy side onlt to be stopped by Vampire Xander.  Xnader 
wasted no time throwing a punch at his enemy which started a whole bru-
haha between the two.  Buffy finally woke up and saw The two fighting. She 
walked over to Giles.  "Why are they fighting?" she asked her Watcher. 
Giles shrugged,. "I have no idea."  Buffy and Giles, so entranced buy the 
fight did nnot notice when Willow and the other threew vamps clamped 
their teeth on their poor unsuspecting necks.  

When xander and Angel finshed fighting, bioth very close to death they 
noticed thhat Buffy and Giles were missing.  "Where are the others?" 
trhey asked each ohter.  Then Buffy WIllow and Giles walked in.  They
were vampires.  "Now we can all be together for all eternity." Giles 
said to Angel to Xnader.  Angel and Xander looked at each other.  Angel 
smiled.  "I've still got Buffy." he said to Zander walking over to her.
looked up at ANgle and smiled.  They together walked out of the 
house ready to hunt.  Xander shook his head and took Willow's hand.  
Willow smiled.  "You still have me." she said and they followed Buffy
and Angel out the door.  Giles looked after his frineds and after a
moment followed them out.  "I wonder if Ms. Calendar would mind being 
a vamp." he asked himself as he walked out of the house and into the

The End!

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