Subject: GASP!: Bad Fic Challenge: Xander and Giles: A Love Story
By: Sharon Jacobs

Xander sighed heavily as he watched Giles reach up to place a book on
the top shelf. Giles turned around and noticed him for the first time.

"Xander, what are you doing here? I thought you would be with Willow and

Xander leaned against a wall and said, "Nah, I don't really feel like it
today. I thought I'd come and help you do. .. . watcher stuff." 

Giles regarded him oddly, "Oh, well, you could help me go through these
old watcher journals and look for any references about Slayers falling
in love with vampires." he paused. "I'm sorry Xander. I know that's a
sensitive subject for you."

Xander eagerly grabbed a stack of journals. "That's okay. I've given up
on Buffy. I can except that she will never love me. Heck, I can except
that no girl will ever love me." He sat down and began nervously turning
pages. At last, he said,"Maybe it's a sign. Maybe girls don't like me
for a reason."

Giles sat across from him and asked, "Whatever do you mean?"

Xander summoned up all of his courage and blurted, "Maybe girls don't
like me because they can tell that I'm not really interested in them."

"You mean. .. .?"

"Yeah," Xander answered, shamefaced.

Giles reached out and took Xander's hand. "There's nothing to be ashamed
about. It's perfectly natural for you to have these feelings.
Many people do, you know."

Xander looked at him hopefully. "They do?"

"Oh yes, people that you know." 

They gazed into each other's eyes. Giles' grip on Xander's hand

"Giles," Xander breathed.

"Xander," he answered.

I leave the rest to your twisted imaginations.

the end

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